Incident Notice

INCIDENT TITLE: Explosion at Austin Malaysia cartridge plant
1 July 2020
IN 20-04
Austin Powder
When did it happen? Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 1:49 pm
Who experienced it? Austin Powder Malaysia (APMY)
Where did it happen? Cartridge emulsion plant at Batu Arang
What material was involved? Sensitized emulsion for packaged product
What happened?
During the lunch break an explosion occurred in the cartridging
building of the packaged emulsion plant.
The plant is a semi batch plant with separation of buildings for
emulsion mixing/blending, cartridging, cooling and packaging.
Batches of sensitized emulsion in mobile hoppers (trolleys) are sent to
the cartridging building for cartridging.
The plant was in routine operation (standard commercial product,
day shift) at the time of the incident.
Why did it happen – theory? The cause of the incident is under investigation.
What was the impact?
There were no injuries or fatalities.
The cartridging house (mounded structure) has been destroyed. There
is limited damage to adjacent buildings and structures.
No propagation to material in process (e.g. cooling bath) has occurred.
Enclosure No
Subsequent report To follow
Value of incident
Though an incident in emulsion manufacturing with substantial
physical damage has occurred, the industry learned concept of
mitigating consequences by separation of operations has once again
proven its value.
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